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Art is my love and inclination. My passion for love is what keeps me going. For me each painting is a new experience. Each day seems to include not only the creation of something new, but also the discovery of other intriguing things. When I start with an empty canvas, I still feel like a student whose mind is riddled with many thoughts. Sometimes the brush guides me, step-by-step, layer-by-layer. As I keep filling the canvas, my desired color, light and subject is spread all over in achieving the perfect emotion that fills my heart.

My paintings are based mainly on psychological and physical states with the aid of a number of images. I conceptualize and serialize my many experiences. I believe that the original power of my works lies in the span between their inwardness and their externalization.

Most of my work involves a stylized representation of everyday objects. My preference for stylization lies in the tenets of expressionism, which involve gestural brushwork and the existence of colors on a textured surface. I have also shifted the emphasis in my paintings from composition to textures.

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