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Creativity is so directly linked with our relation it does reflect in everything we do.  Always I tried to keep  a social message in my paintings. My main topic is feminism. As a women I feel like this is the platform were I can express my feeling of women facing different aspects in therelife . As a woman, my thoughts embrace the familiar sights and touches of my country, but presented on a world canvas. Has women achieved liberation? Can I fully spread my wings and fly? These are the questions I keeps asking myself time and again. With everything’s that’s going on around the world, my mind is in a constant state of turmoil. I picks up my brushes and paints, my way towards tranquility. My canvas turns into my notebook, as I scribbles down all the pent up anger, frustrations, unspoken pains, and despair.

A woman, free or not, is always captive. In my responsibilities, my conscience, in my emotional drawbacks, in my lack of courage, in the inadequacy of confidence. Having been enamored with the architectural marvels of India, I tries to portray a woman’s captivity, imprisoned and held down, by my emotional shackles, through the details of the architecture of the historical treasures of India. Over the ages, India has seen innumerable rulers and invaders, Hindus and Muslims, and their influences can be seen etched in every stones of such historical architectures.

A woman’s body, is an intricate machinery, bound together with love, passion, compassion and happiness. I has been used as a merchandise for pleasure and commercialism. I has tried binding a woman’s sensuality with the enchanting architectural motifs of historical India.

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