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Past Exhibitions  

Solo Exhibitions:
1993 – Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata, India.
1994 – Taj Art Gallery, Mumbai, India. Chitrakoot Art Gallery, Kolkata, India.
1996 – Birla Academy of Art & Culture, Kolkata, India.
1999 – Divine Art Gallery, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
2000 – Birla Academy of Art & Culture, Kolkata, India.
2003 – Giri Art Gallery, Chittagong, Academy of Fine Art, Kolkata, India. Sponsored by ‘The Art Collector’ and ‘Gallery Katayun’.
2004 – Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata, India. Sponsored by ‘Gati’.
2006 – ‘By The Way’, Taj Bengal, Kolkata, India. Sponsored by Taj Bengal.
2007 – Samokal Art Gallery, Kolkata, India. Sponsored by Samokal Art Gallery.
2008_ “RAGA” Gallery 14 vero beach Florida,US
2008 _ Samokal Art Gallery, Kolkata India. Sponsored by samokal Art Gallery. 

2019  _  Raw Space Art Gallery,Vero Beach, Florida, USA.               

Group Exhibitions :
1977 – Young Artists Exhibition, Sponsored by Shilpa Kala Academy, Dhaka, Bangladesh .
1978 – Annual Exhibition of Alliance Françoise, Chittagong,
1979 – Annual Exhibition of Bangladesh Parishad, Exhibition of Contemporary Art in China.
1982 – Annual Exhibition of Fashion & Art Institute of Dallas, Texas, USA.
1989 to 1993 – Mid summer Exhibition of Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata, India.
1989 – Annual Exhibition of Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata, India.
1993 – Three Person Show at Goa Kala Academy, Goa, India.
1996 – Participated in Kala Mela, Kolkata, organize by Lalit Kala Academy, India.
1997 – Four Person Show at Nehru Centre, Mumbai, India. Participated in Special Indian Contemporary Art Exhibition for Celebration of Golden Jubilee year of India, organized by Lalit Kala Academy, Chennai, India. Participated in an exhibition to commemorate 50 years of independence of India, jointly organized by the Institute of International Social Development & Alliance Françoise De Kolkata, India. Participated in Open Air Exhibition organized by Birla Academy of Art & Culture, Kolkata, India.
2002 – Four Person Show at AIFACS at Delhi, India.
2003 – Participated in Open Air Exhibition, Organized by Birla Academy of Art & Culture, Kolkata, India.
2004 – “ Friends of the Academy” Exhibition at the Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata, India.
2005 – Group Show at the Taj Bengal, Sponsored by Master’s Collection Art Gallery, Kolkata, India.
2006 – Four Person Show at the European Art Gallery, Sponsored by the European Art Gallery, Miami, USA
2008- “ Art by the sea” show at the Vero beach Museum of Art, Vero Beach, Florida.
2008 – Backus Gallery &Museum ,FT. Pierce, FL.
2009 _ Ridge Art Association Gallery, Winter Haven, FL,
2009 _”Art by the sea “ show at the Vero beach Museum of Art, Vero Beach, FL
2009 _Annual show Birla Academy of Fine Arts ,Kolkata, India.
2009 –The strawbridge art League, Heneger center for the art, Malbourne FL.
2009 –Ridge Art AssoCiation Gallery Wenter Haven, FL, “ Expectation “
2009 - Bakus Gallery&Museum,Ft.Pierce,FL
2010 – Art by the sea show at the vero beach museum of Art , Vero beach,FL.
2010- Ridge Art Association gallery Winter Haven, FL, 60th Anniversary show.

2010 – Bakus Gallery & Museum, Ft. Pierce, FL

2011 – Bakus  gallery & Museum Ft Pierce, FL

2011  - Art by the see  show at  the Vero Beach Museum of Art. FL.

2012-Art by the sea show  at the Vero Beach Museum of

2012 – Crossing Art Gallery,   New York . 9th Annual Erasing Exhibition,

presented by Indo American Arts Council.

2012-Brony charter school for the arts. Barony,   New York

2012    –ART 6 ,Richmond , Virginia.


2013  -‘Art by sea’ show at the Vero Beach Museum of Art.

2013  - Exhibiting Artist at DARBY FINE ART Gallery .Vero Beach .FL.

2013 –Art Fest @ Doral ,Miami. Represent INDIA .This exhibition curate by Minakshi de.

2013 –Bakus Gallery &Museum ,Ft Pierce.

2014 –‘ Art by  the Sea’ show at the Vero Beach  Museum  of Art. F

2014- Art Fest @ Doral, Miami .Represent INDIA. This Exhibition Curate by Minakshi De.

2015 – “Art by the sea” show at the Vero beach Museum of Art .FL.

2015-  Annual show at Ridge Art Assciation , Winter Haven FL.

2015 - Annual Art Show at Backus Museum . FL.

2016 - Art by the sea  and Under the Oaks Show at Vero Beach.FL.

2016 -Spectrum Art basel Miami show .Miami FL

2016- Annual Art show at Backus Museum .FL

2017 -ArtBRAVO juried Fine Art show  at ART SERVE .Fort lauderdale.

2017 -FLORENCE  BIENNALE  EARTH creativitta & sostenibilita  show at Florence .ITALY 

2018 - Art by the sea  show at Vero Beach Museum of Art .FL

2018 - And Still I Rise  A colective art exhibition inspired by MAYA ANGELOU at Milander center for Art  FL

2018- Art BRAVO  juried Fine Art show at Artserve .Fort lauderdale FL

2018- Group Art show at Alfa Art Gallery .NEW JERSY .USA.

2018.-Art is our wepen  show Art & Design  Gallery .MIAMI ,USA.


2018 - Pre Art Basel Show ART from our Earth, the Sea and the Sky, present Contemporary art project USA.

2018 - Red Dot  Miami ,Art Basel week .Presented by Contemporary Art Project USA

2019.Art by the sea show at Vero Beach Museum of Art.

2019.New Dimention  show preasented by Vero Beach Art Club.

2019 .Women show at Raw space Art gallery.

2020.Florida Artist Group(FLAG) 70th Annual exhibition and symposium at FOOSMER MUSEUM, Melbourne,FL.

2020.Keeping the Art alive group show OUT OH THR BOX at Raw space , FL.

2020. Vero beach Art club ANNEX SHOW at Vero beach art club gallery.FL.

2020.Group show at Raw space.FL.

2021.Florida artist Group (FLAG) 71th show and symposium at DUNEDIN FINE ART CENTER, FL.

2021.Six women show at Raw space.FL.

2021.REBIRTHday suits+seers exhibition at DUNEDIN CENTER.FL

2022. ART BY THE SEA Show at Vero Beach Museum of Art.

2022. Florida artist group (FLAG) 72th  Show and symposium on line.





1996 – 2nd place in oil painting in Annual Exhibition of Rabindra Bharati University.

2009 – 1st place in Pastels in “Art by the Sea” show, Vero Beach Museum of Art, Vero Beach, FL

2009 - Honorable mention in “Miniature” Show, Ridge Art Association, Winter Haven, FL.

2009 – Honorable mention in “The Face” show, Strawbridge Art League, Heneger Center for the Arts,

             Melbourne, FL

2010 – 1st place in Acrylics in “Art by the Sea” show, Vero Beach Museum of Art, Vero Beach, FL    

2012-   Merit Award in acrylic/oil medium   in Under the oaks Show, Vero beach .Florida.

2013 -  Merit Award in acrylic in Art by the sea show Vero Beach Museum of Art, Vero beach .FL.

2014 – 2nd place in Acrylic in ‘Art by the sea’ show, Vero beach Museum of Art. FL.

2014 – Prize for  Out standing Acrylic /Oil Painting  at  “Under the Oaks” show. Vero Beach. FL

2015 – Honorable mention in Acrylic medium at Ridge Art Association, Winter Haven ,FL

2016 - 1st Place - 2D with Pizzazz at 3D Exhibition at Marsh Island ,Vero Beach ,FL.

2017 - Prize for Out stending Acrylic/Oil painting at Under the Oaks show Vero Beach .FL.

2018 - Prize  for Out stending Acrylic /Oil painting at Under the Oaks show Vero Beach  FL

2018 - Merit Award in acrylic medium Art by the sea show.at Vero beach Museum of Art.FL

2019 - 1st place in out stending use of Acrylic /oil medium at Under the oaks Vero beach .FL.

2019 - 2nd place in pastel work at Art by the sea show at Vero beach Museum .

2019 - 2nd place in the New Brunswick Art Salon , 2018 Mixed Media. At Alfa Art Gallery .NJ.

2020.- BEST IN SHOW AWARD at out of the box show at Raw space.

2020 -1ST Place in acrylic and Figure  at Annex gallery.Vero beach ,FL.

2020 - Blick Art Materials Merchandise  Award at Annual show of FLAG

2022 - 1st place in ACRYLIC medium at ART BY THE SEA  Show at vero veach Museum of Art.

2022 - Blick Art MAterials Merchandise Award at FLAG Annual show .



Art Workshops:

2008 – Sponsored by Pink Ginger Arts (Mumbai, India), Italy

Permanent Collection : RAJBHAVAN at kolkatha .India.



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